How I Increased my Productivity 100% in Just 1 Month
1.608 days ago - August 24, 2015

Last month I got an improvement of more than 100% in my Working Hours.

Let me show you how.

I always had this habit of tracking my working hours (I use an app called Yast – quick and efficient). In May, I was passing for a Depression time and my Work Report was in 20 hours a week. What?! What I’m doing with my days?! I’ve always be really effective to do my job, but of course I could had spend these time left in a better way.

These were some of the steps I took to increase my Productive Hours in 100%:


Yeah, I know. I’m not a sporty person at all. I was that kind of person that run from balls (and not at) on school and was the last choose for games. I’m a nerd that prefers to stay at home playing video games and reading.

But exercise daily increased a lot my energy. When we exercise, dopamine is released in our blood system, we get more energy and starts to feel happier (not joking, Bruno always says that I’m really in a bad mood when we go to gym, and another person when we got out).

It makes a really difference when I started to run. Actually I can’t run. Even for save my life from zombies. My run is like 2 min running + walking + 1 min running + walking again + breathing time! (I’ve made a Running Goal this year, let see if I can get it ‘-‘).  BUT, it really makes a difference in my dopamine’s levels.

Now when I get at home from gym at 6 pm, I take some dinner, a good shower and come back to work, cause I don’t feel tired at all.

Forget your Social Media

I was a Facebook addict. I can’t even realize that I had opened my Timeline and was watching what my friends are doing. Here in Brazil everyone had a Facebook, even my uncle-grandma. And everyone is friend of everyone else. I have 1.329 friends on Facebook, some of them I just meet once and some are just my friend’s friends. Why I was spending so much time seeing people that I even know? It was time to stop.

I didn’t closed my Facebook account, as I work with Digital Marketing on it. I decide to keep it close for 1 week. On desktop and on phone. First and second day was terrible, I keep thinking all the time, specially when I had breaks, to take a look. But I didn’t. And after 3 or 4 days, I was fine. I don’t even missed it! When I take a look on weekend, I spend 5 min and it was done. I didn’t missed it anymore and I’m just using it for work now.

It can be done! In any social network that you had. Just spend sometime away from it and you’ll realise that it’s not your air :)

Don’t Rest, Just Take Breaks

Gee, I’m not saying you can’t rest! You should! At Night! When your going to sleep!

If your feeling sleepy in your day, take some coffee, go for a walk, do something out of your computer. Don’t take long breaks during your days. At least for me, it gets me more tired. I usually take breaks after gym watching some TV on our sofa, and suddenly all my evening is gone!

This month, Bruno started an English Course, that keeps him busy every night. That compelled me to find another option instead of go to the sofa watch TV. It increases both our productive time. It’s important that your partner be productive too. You’ll feel more compelled to work with him/her instead of spend your night doing nothing.

Have Scheduled Breaks

That was an important one. As I work many hours in computer, I need to take breaks from it. Sometimes I’m working and I get lost in time (specially when programming).

For that, I use a software called Workrave. This software makes me take a 10min break every 50min. At this time, I should get up from my desk, and do something else. Usually I do the dishes, make bed, wash clothes, and things like that, as I work from home. You can see in my Working Hours below, that I have a lot of empty spaces. That was the time that I’m not working on my computer at all. It’s important for my health and well-being.

Now Rest!

Don’t take breaks during day, makes you feel more tired at night. My sleep quality improved a lot with it. Before it, I usually had difficulties to fall sleep (all works I had to dooo…), and keeps waking up 2 or 3 times a night. Now I usually just wake up near 5 am sleeping all night. By bed time is better, and I feel more refresh in the morning.


Now, Let me Show you some Data

My last weeks were a increase curve. I got an improvement of more than 100% in my Working Hours. Coming from: 25h, 29h, 35h, 48h and 52h!

And I’m not counting lunch and cleaning times at home. :)

My Weekly Routine from 08/17 - 08/23

My Weekly Routine from 08/10 – 08/16


Each color is a project that I’ve been working on (yeah, the orange one is Stuffy). I always stop time when I get out of computer to do something (wash dishes, do lunch, go to gym), so my report is just really work. I usually keep track of my studies too, like some course or book that I’m reading (it’s an improvement, doesn’t it?).

My Weekly Routine from 08/17 - 08/23

My Weekly Routine from 08/17 – 08/23

The secret of a productive life I’ve discovered its that you can’t stop. Don’t stop to rest in the middle of day. Rest at night when you should be resting. Keep track of your time, so you can see when you’re improving and where is your problem’s hours. Keep your day in movement.