Banished: Medieval Sim City in Best Shape
2.128 days ago - March 21, 2014

How about a medieval city simulator in natural and raw shape?

This is Banished idea, a 3 years production, made individually by Luke Hodorowicz. Today, in his company Shinning Rock Software (that he stills keeps alone), he was responsible for design, development, art and audio of all game. A city building simulator, with resource management, where a little population starts from nothing in a new land.


Luke tells that in 9 first months, his game was a action RPG in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies. But realizing that this idea was widely used, he change his development to something more exclusively and distinct. With a Sim City concept, Banished focus in a little group of people, and not just in numbers. With more people in the community, more resources are limited, and could cause real disasters in all city.


Many medieval professions are presents, like: Farmers, Breed Keepers, Tailors, Clerics and Miners. As it we have a great variable of resources like many kings of seeds, animals and materials, that could be bought from other locations using a harbor.



One of the most interesting parts of the game is the difficulty that haunts the city with various types of disasters. Since diseases in population, or plages in farms and animals, and natural disasters like tornadoes. It creates a challenge game full of twists and turns.

Banished’ maps are big, and based in two types of land: fields and frozen mountains. We can differ each inhabitant by his/her name, age and profession. As they get old, they create their own families form marriage, children and death.


Seasons are really present too, and game calendar is based in them. In winter, for example, we can’t grow any farm, so it’s important to find another food source.


Banished allows a unique result in development of just not cities, but people’s life. With random disasters, the game becames challenging and don’t get bored. In simulation and strategies, Banished has a place between AAA Games.