5 Tips to Succeed in your Facebook Page
1.838 days ago - January 5, 2015


Although it is easy to create a business page on Facebook, keep it in the right way requires specific care to have significant results.

1. Keep your Identity

The visual identity is the key to recognition of your company among many others. It is important to maintain consistency of how your brand is presented that does not create confusion in the beholder.

Even a simple avatar or posting on Facebook, visual consistency should be maintained in all communication channels.

This in addition to integrating all its contents, builds trust for your brand because the client recognizes its identity.


2. Have Quality Content

It is important that your business shows that it is committed in the media, and not just copy and paste content from other sites.

Creating unique content allows the client to trust your company, knowing that you understands your own business, and can solve problems that could appear.

The social channel is a way to be present on the day of your consumer.

In addition to bombard them with promotions, it is important to demonstrate your company’s knowledge as an expert.


3. Offer Not Only Attendance, but Interaction

The premises in having a Facebook page is to develop a new relationship channel with your customers.

Today, the communication between them and the company is the differential that allows the resolution of problems and questions that may arise during the customer engagement with the brand.

Create a Facebook page that don’t answer comments and doesn’t interact with customers only generates irritation and lack of commitment and credibility. People on Facebook want to interact!

If your company can not give due attention to the social channel, it is better NOT to offer this option.


 4. Don’t Want Just to Sell

Promote your company is not just selling products. With the diversity and ease of purchase of the current market, the customer has the option to change his mind for just 10 cents. A major focus of the brand is to show the difference besides price.

The customer relationship goes beyond their purchase.

A marketing plan developed to take care of the entire process (from the interest to post-purchase) allows the company to link the customer’s needs, preventing it to change your brand just by price.

5. Be Present and Be Flexible

Many Facebook users access the social network daily. Brazil is the 2nd place in the ranking, with 47 million users a day. To be present on the day of these customers is important to diversify your content.

Follow the schedule with seasonal promotions, enjoy the view of his followers to develop new products, and listen to what they have to say. Negative comments will always arise, so it is important to know how to work with criticism and improve the same relationship with dissatisfied customers.

Focus on the relationship that will arise with your customers, it will make a difference in your brand and your investment returns.