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Ponylife Updates

1.198 days ago - October 6, 2016

It’s been a long way since I’ve create this project concept in 2009 for my Graduation Course Final Project.   In last couple of months I’ve start to develop Ponylife periodically. The logo redesign was a big step for me, as […]

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Scientific & Tech Sponsorship

1.217 days ago - September 17, 2016

Sponsored by FAPESC to develop new technologies and applications at HIBRA From Sep/2016 to Sep/2017 | FAPESC

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V Innovation Synapse Award

1.323 days ago - June 3, 2016

The Prêmio Sinapse da Inovação (Innovation Synapse Award) is a prize in Brazil to help startups with innovative ideas, offering financial resources, training and support.

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Remastering Colorbits

1.596 days ago - September 4, 2015

After 1 year, I can’t find time to update my Design Blog Colorbits. So I decided to remodeled it’s functionalities and design, and create simple and quicker version, of it’s natural branding idea.

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How I Increased my Productivity 100% in Just 1 Month

1.607 days ago - August 24, 2015

Last weeks I got an improvement of more than 100% in my Working Hours. Let me show you how.

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The importance of WebSite Navigation

1.779 days ago - March 5, 2015

The navigation of a website, often left out, has a key role in shaping our experiences online. A quality web architecture directly affects the credibility of your brand. 

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5 Tips to Succeed in your Facebook Page

1.838 days ago - January 5, 2015

Although it is easy to create a business page on Facebook, keep it in the right way requires specific care to have significant results.


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Colorbits Branding

2.056 days ago - June 1, 2014

Colorbits is a blog for creativity and inspiration ( The branding was based in multi-color sweets, that would represent bits of creativity of many kinds of contents, that will be delivered as posts every day.

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Quick View of Design Production in Photoshop

2.060 days ago - May 28, 2014

I am having a lot of fun to record my works in Photoshop. It’s super interesting to watch all the creative process.


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Banished: Medieval Sim City in Best Shape

2.128 days ago - March 21, 2014

How about a medieval city simulator in natural and raw shape?


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