Branding: Fuxique – Arts and Crafts
2.179 days ago - January 30, 2014

Creation of a new visual identity of the brand Fuxique, handmade affection.

The key brand identity was based on fuxico. The fuxico is a typical Brazilian manual labor, with the mixing of African, European and indigenous, resulted in props made ​​of cotton with many colors in tropical style. Synonymous with gossip, was named as the women gathered to sew and whispering. In the last decade this technique has expanded, reaching all social classes to couture.

The icon chosen was the fuxico flower. One of the best known symbols of this kind of handicrafts, fuxico flower is made with various types of fabric and colors, and is the delicacy, the female and kindness. The traces refer to the material manufacturing, and indicate whim and dedication.


The colors used for the main brand were rosy red and yellow. The rosy red symbolizes love and affection, along with yellow, refers to heat and flowers.

The textures allow a secondary brand identification, creating a fun application that can be used in the visual identity materials.