Homemade Juices Tags
1.896 days ago - November 12, 2014

One of my client is a nutritionist, who produces some homemade juices for her clients. Her juices are specially created with select fruits and to achieve specific benefits, like: detox, energy and antioxidant.

The visual that we are looking for was about: care, homemade and natural


My creativity process starts with some visual researches about the subjects that were defined in briefing process. Is was also important to know what kind of bottle will be used.

Visual Production

Version 1

My visual idea was to work with a rustic paper and shaped illustrations, with just some color variations for each kind of juice. The problem with the first version, was that it’s size would be almost more high than the juice bottle. We would end up with an unbalanced product with a huge label.



Version 2 / Square


Version 2 / Round