Remastering Colorbits
1.596 days ago - September 4, 2015

After 1 year, I can’t find time to update my Design Blog Colorbits. So I decided to remodeled it’s functionalities and design, and create simple and quicker version, of it’s natural branding idea.  My original idea for it, was to create a blog with many kinds of quick design and inspiration tips (like chocolate chips with many colors).


Now, web design is simplified, with mobile access and a clean visual with no ads. Ads never earned enough, even to pay server’s bill.

I want to turn Colorbits in a place to share some of the cool stuffs I found online everyday. Maybe it could help you too to get inspired. :)

New Index Layout

New Layout is clean and faster, showing posts as the most important part of the website. You can see many Color Bits at same time.



New Category Page

The Categorie’s Page uses the same layout as homepage, to keep it faster to user’s usability.


New AJAX Functionalities

Read Post

Now the Post Content opens and closes on Home Page. Users don’t need to open each Post individually.


 Load More

A new button at the bottom of the page allow users to load prev posts without leaving the home page.