Ponylife: a RPG Web-Browser Game for Girls
3.997 days ago - February 6, 2009


Ponylife is a Web-Browser Game concept created for girls between 8 to 12 years old.

Plataform: web-browser game (online)
Genre: Simulation / Role-Playing Game
High-Concept: Live inumerous activities in a fantasy world where the player is a human-pony that interacts, produce and socialize with others players.

Through different researches in design, colors, web design and games; were applied actual web technologies as AJAX and CSS; and directly usability for the specific audience. The methodology applied for web development was User-Centered Design by Jesse James Garret. Many graphic elements were developed, like characters, icons and branding; and the usability of many internal systems of the game.

The results of the game design shows valued themes of interests in feminine public, like cooperation, individualization, management and responsibility; were developed using specialized authors techniques and study of similar games. This game wants to attract girls for online environment, familiarize their experiences with internet and games, create a safe environment for girls socialize and change experiences and show fun activities that can be learned in real world.

Keywords: Games for Girls. Online Games. Virtual Worlds. Web Usability.