1.898 days ago - November 12, 2014

Today I’ve finished Coursera Gamification Course (12 hours), by Kevin Werbach.

This was one of my precursors to create Questivity project (and this blog too). Transforming it in a Gamification Experience with Level Up parametres with my personal experience. :)


I could say it’s a very interesting and ludic material. Professor Kevin knows what he is talking about and holds our attention in each video, explaining each part with his own words.

Professor Kevin Werbach, on Coursera Gamification Course

Professor Kevin Werbach, on Coursera Gamification Course

All the classes takes 12 weeks and topics are:

1. What is Gamification?
2. Games
3. Game Thinking
4. Game Elements
5. Psychology and Motivation (I)
6. Psychology and Motivation (II)
7. Gamification Design Framework
8. Design Choices
9. Enterprise Gamification
10. Social Good and Behavior Change
11. Critiques and Risks
12. Beyond the Basics

I recommended this course for anyone who is interested about Gamification and would like to implement it’s assets in some project, like: Points, Badges, Leaderboards, Experience Points, etc.