Introduction to Game Design
1.579 days ago - September 21, 2015

Fun and Explanatory (like a Game should be)

Introduction to Game Design, a CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) in Coursera.

Course Content

  • Elements of Gaming, Game Design Document, Feedback
  • Rules and Balance
  • Driving Story, Roleplaying and Character Motivation
  • Explaining and Imagining
  • Characters in Gaming, Types of Characters, Multiplayer Rules and Balance


The instructor, Fran Krause, a professor at Animation Course, knows what he talks about and could explain game design theory in a funny and easy way. All course was made in 2:20h and its part of Game Design: Art and Concepts Specialization.

game-design (2)

Fran Krause, the instructor.

game-design (1)

You can see what I’m talking about with this picture of his camera man.