‘Design and Visual Communication’ by Bruno Munari
1.817 days ago - January 27, 2015

A portuguese book writed by professor Bruno Munari.

screenhunter_02-apr-02-18-45In this book “Design e Comunicação Visual” (original title), Prof. Bruno Munari talks about the time he enjoyed teaching at Harvard in 1960’s, a course about Visual Communication.

That time, computer graphics are starting, causing painters and sculptors a terrifying horror about machines, thinking it could take their jobs as artists in near future (rightly, if we could say now).

Professor explain really important and basic concepts about forms, textures, distortions, contrast and color. He shows how these material were created in that time, and how he applicated his Design course with some practical exercises to his students.

Technically, Prof. Munari talks about Gestalt, but without using this word. He shows a gallery of design works and exercises that he had collected through the years.

This books takes me 3h10 to finish.