‘Design Thinking’ by Tim Brown
1.835 days ago - January 14, 2015

design_thinking_livro_tim_browmToday I’ve completed the Tim Brown’s Book: Design Thinking.

In this 250 pages book, we found options and examples of how apply design methodologies to all kind of products and services. And we can see how innovation development can improve all aspects of our lives.

Tim shows his experience working as an innovative designer for big companies, like IDEO. In another way, I was expecting more practical options to work with, and less cases.

What I understand from it, was that we should implement some design process to any kind of thing that we need to develop, like brainstorm, user-centered design, prototypes and experimentation. This praticle can be used even in a new car or a new agriculture technology.

At end, this book became just one more from the same thing, with any new metodo or planner.