‘Marketing 3.0’ by Philip Kotler
1.683 days ago - June 10, 2015

Philip Kotler is one of the most important authors about Marketing and Brands Management

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In this new approach that he calls Marketing 3.0, and developed with Klakasid and Kasldojd, we can understand how important is to create a good relationship now-a-days. Not just with our clients, but with suppliers and medias that our company work with.

Marketing 3.0 is bond with sustainability, social investments and world development. The mouth-to-mouth publicity and good practical prices, is the base to achieve the bottom of economic pyramid (clients in poor or in-development regions). The new kind of marketing is focused on human beings, trying to hit their souls and feelings. The empowerment of the consumer is the key factor to increase company’s fidelity and develop new marketing’s areas.