‘The Art of Action’ by Stephen Bungay
1.622 days ago - August 14, 2015

The Art of Action: How leaders close the Gaps between plans, actions and results – is a strategy book.

Further, I would say, it’s a war history strategy book.

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Stephen lost (really), half of his book talking about German War Techniques, created by General Helmuth Von Moltke. All this part isn’t just strategy, it’s a too much detailed history tale, with days of all movements about some europeans campaigns in War. It’s boring and unnecessary. He could just had explained about the strategy and not when, where, who these guys were and how they get on army.

There are some cases about companies that Stephen helped to rescue from caos, bad organization and motivation and an implementation of this war strategy, using like briefing and back briefing techniques, that could be useful. But much information is dispensable.

I would not recommend this book.