I’m Bibi, a UX/UI Designer
based in Amsterdam

With 10 years of experience in Design and Web, I have worked with Art Direction, Web Design, UX & UI, Front-End and Back-End Development, Advertising and Digital Marketing.
My passion is to develop new digital solutions and create products that facilitate user's life, translating function into form, aesthetics and usability.


  • 2017
  • UI/UX Designer

    Booking.com - Empower People to Experience the World

    Amsterdam, Netherlands | From Nov/2017 until Now | http://www.booking.com

  • 2017
  • Co-Founder & Design Director

    HIBRA - Tech Solutions, focused in digital solutions and new technologies.

    1 year & 5 months | From Apr/2016 to Oct/2017 | http://www.hibra.net

  • 2017
  • Founder & Freelancer

    Bibis - Creative Design, a Design Studio helping +45 clients with Design, Web & Marketing solutions.

    3 years & 6 months | From Jan/2014 to Jun/2017 | http://www.bibis.com.br

  • 2014
  • Art Director & Web Designer

    Vale Mais Comunicação, creating Graphic and Digital Materials for +350 clients.

    3 years & 9 months | From May/2010 to Dec/2013 | http://www.valemais.net

  • 2010
  • Graphic Producer

    Fullgaz Comunicação, creating Graphic Materials for +20 clients.

    3 months | From Fev/2010 to Apr/2010 | http://www.fullgaz.com.br

  • 2007
  • Jr. Web Designer

    Studio Alpha Soluções Web, assisting at Web Design and creating Digital Marketing arts.

    6 months | From Jul/2007 to Jan/2008 | http://www.studioalpha.com.br

  • 2009
  • Marketing Assistant

    Flor & Ser Floricultura, as Marketing Assistant, Web Designer and General Assistant.

    4 years & 4 months | From Feb/2005 to Apr/2009 | http://www.flor-e-ser.net



  • 2019
  • Nielsen Norman Group - UX Certificated

    UX Research & Interaction Design Specialization

    80h | Jun/2018, Jun/2019 | Nielsen Norman Group | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2014
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialization

    GPA: 3.77

    360h | From Jul/2012 to Jun/2014 | UNOESC | Joaçaba, Brazil

  • 2009
  • Design, B.A. - Visual Communication with Specialization in Multimedia

    GPA: 3.36 | *Best Student in Class

    3.210h | From Jan/2005 to Jun/2009 | UNOESC | Videira, Brazil

  • 2004
  • English Language Course

    560h | From Jan/1999 to Dec/2004 | Fisk English Schools | Joaçaba, Brazil


  • Bibis.com.br
  • Graphic & Digital Design Services

    A Creative and Design Agency, Bibis Creative Design was created to assist small and medium companies with marketing. A complete package of services is offered, like graphic design, branding, web development, advertising and digital marketing strategies.

    more about this project
  • Ponylife.net
  • A Safe Web-Browser Game for Girls

    Ponylife is a Web-Browser Game created by girls for girls. Live inumerous activities in a fantasy world where the player is a human-pony that interacts, produce and socialize with others players. The game design is focused in cooperation, community sense, management and empowerment.

    more about this project
  • Colorbits.com.br
  • Blog about Design & Creativity

    Colorbits is a experimental blog, created to test and study marketing techniques, SEO and social media sharing. Developed for my Specialization studies in Digital Marketing and Social Media, it has about 1.000 visits a month. It's even used for UX and UI tests, front-end development techniques and Wordpress implementations.

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  • 2018
  • 1st Place - GEM Category, Booking.com Hackathon 2018

    With almost 200 teams, just 7 projects were chosen on Booking.com Internal Hackathon 2018.

    Our project "Book a Trip" received the First Place at Global Experience Market (GEM) Category.


    January / 2018 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2017
  • Booking.com Hackathon, All Women Edition

    45 women were select to create new solutions for travel experiences

    Our solution received the Honour Mention between 8 teams

    Hack a Holiday: All Women Edition | Booking.com

    From 24 to 26, July / 2017 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2016
  • V Innovation Synapse Award

    Scientific & Tech Sponsorship

    Sponsored by FAPESC to develop new technologies and applications at HIBRA Tech Solutions

    V Prêmio Sinapse da Inovação | FAPESC

    From September/2016 to September/2017 | Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil

  • 2009
  • Best Student in Class

    Design B.A. | UNOESC | Videira, Brazil

  • 2008
  • Scientific Initiation Scholarship

    Scholarship by FAPESC for UX Research ‘Design Focused On User-Experience’

    Participant of the Prêmio Mérito Universitário Catarinense ('University Merity Award'), 2009

    From August/2008 to August/2009 | UNOESC | Videira, Brazil


events & certificates

  • 2018
  • Web Summit

    Attendee | Web Summit

    November/2018 | Lisbon, Portugal

  • 2017
  • Interaction South-America

    Attendee | ISA Floripa

    November/2017 | Florianópolis, Brazil

  • 2016
  • II Forum Lean - Kaigi Lean

    Attendee | GLean

    October/2016 | Florianópolis, Brazil

  • 2012
  • Communication Project Management

    Participant | Clear Inovação

    May/2012 | Florianópolis, Brazil

  • 2009
  • I IxDA - Interaction South-America

    Presenter | ISA IXDA

    November/2009 | São Paulo, Brazil



  • 2009
  • Design Focused on User-Experience

    Presented this Paper for 'University Merit Award' at I and II Integrated Seminar of Teaching and Research (SIEPE)

    This project defined the use of Moodboards with an optimized User-Experience using Flow methodology, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and applied for webdesign development.

  • 2009
  • Web Browser Game for Girls

    Presented this Paper at I Interaction South-America (IxDA) in São Paulo, Brazil

    Through different researchs in design, user-experience, interaction, psychology and games; the game design wants to attract girls for online environments, familiarize their experience with internet and games, create a safe environment for girls socialize and show fun activities that can be learned with cooperation and empowerment.